Our company owns numerous properties in the NY metro area and our purpose is to sell these properties. Because of the hard economic times, people who are interested in purchasing a home find it very difficult to qualify for a mortgage or to finance a property. The RENT TO OWN program has proved itself since 2007 and we take pride in our services and the fact that most of our clients have already become first time home owners. The rest are on a secure path to fulfilling their dream of owning a home.

Leader Of Progress

As a leader of progress in the real estate market, in an effort to reconstruct a healthy and developing market, DOV Sales Group came up with a solution for people who are suffering from the consequences of the recent financial crisis. Being a major, stable financial force, Dov Sales group decided to provide a full package of support to first time home buyers under the program named RENT TO OWN.


The participants of the RENT TO OWN will highly benefit from: Our credit improvement program Professional financial guidance for potential first time home buyers Special savings programs to help save money for down payment And the most important thing: All this is done while the participants are renting the home they are buying

Clients Are First Priority

DOV Sales Group puts our clients best interest as first priority and therefore we DO NOT charge for non of the services mentioned above, in addition: The initial rental deposit GOES TOWARDS THE DOWN PAYMENT. 100% OF THE PAID RENT WILL BE APPLIED TOWARDS THE PURCHASE PRICE OF THE HOUSE.

The Terms And Conditions

The terms and conditions of the RENT TO OWN program provide a very comfortable cushion for the first time home buyer as they transform from a tenant to a prosperous home owner and in many cases a landlord, and makes the uncertainty and fear of making that first important step of purchasing a home - go away.

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